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Character Information ;
Name: Eridan Ampora
Name of Canon: Homestuck
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference: Homestuck//MSPA Wiki
Introduction here;; being the last of the twelve trolls introduced.
Canon Point: Act 5;; Pt 2-- Just after ROSE makes his computer EXPLODE.

Setting: Our setting begins in a planet named Alternia. Nestled in a galaxy set in the past and is very far from our own. Surrounding this darkened planet are two moons; one a stunning pink, the other an equally as magnificent lime green. If you take a trip to this planet, you're most likely to become a statistic. The main dangers of the planet, which range from the deadly fauna, the environment and even the native people, are dangers that one would have to face if they manage to somehow make it to the planet.

The natives on the planet, the trolls, strike peculiar similarities and differences than being a human. Alternia in particular isn't the standard definition of normality we're used to. One thing in particular that one would take to notice is how they perceive romance. Troll romance is kind of a huge deal to their society. It take its points to be similar to ours, but it branches into bigger complications. It can be split into two quadrants; one black, and the other red. Red Romance (Redrom for short) is split into two sections. One is Matespritship and the other is Moirallegiance. Black Romance (Shortened to Blackrom) is to Auspisticeness and Kismessissitude!

Matepsrits are one of the sections that are used for reproduction purposes. The flushed quadrant is for two trolls showing quite a bit of fond feelings toward the other memeber. Moiraillegiance is for friendship between the two. (The term coined as "Fated Friends" for a reason!) They look out for each other and marke sure the other member doesn't do something incredibly stupid. This is the pale quadrant for trolls.

Auspisticeness is in the blackrom section; it is about mediating between two trolls in a party. They don't directly get anything out of it, but it's for the benefit of the two they're trying to protect; this type of relationship falls under the ashen quadrant. Then there's being someone's Kismesis. This belongs in the caliginous quadrant, and is the other block for troll reproduction purposes. Being someone's kismesis means that they have extreme hate for one another, and they'd just about love to see the other one die.

With your Matesprits and Kismesises, you get into the reproductive habits of trolls. Alternia works quite differently with populating their planet. The Mother Grub stays safe within the brooding caverns where she will create and spawn the future of the planet. She enlists in the help of the Imperial Drones to carry around the necessary equipment for collecting genetic material from both quadrants. (Aka the filial pails.) The drones not only carry out the job of collecting the material, but also the job of cultivating the population for the weaker trolls that have nothing to contribute to the population. (Which means trolls who have no matesprit or kismesis) When they have collected the material, the drones return and the Mother Grub collects all of the genetic material into one incestuous slurry. Then she lays hundreds of thousand of eggs in the cavern where she resides. When the trolls hatch from their eggs, they enter the first stage of life, the larval stage. They proceed to find a safe spot in the stalactites and begin developing into their nest stage snug in a cocoon. As they shape into their new small bodies, they grow until they break from the cocoon. The trolls now look more like human children than larvae.

With their new appendages, they go through one hell of a time. They have to fight their way through incredibly dangerous trials. If they're lucky to survive, they're able to show that they're strong enough to carry on the population. They're also chosen by a Lusus Naturae at this point. These creatures will raise and in return, be raised by the trolls they have chosen. The lusii themselves are Alternia's fauna; ranging from all sorts of shapes, sizes and even sub-species. From miniature bulls to dragons, mythical animals, you name it. And, for some odd reason, lusii have the same color as their troll that they have chosen. The troll and their newly acquainted Custodian surface from the underground and begin life anew, setting in to a location for their home and having it built by the Carpenter Drones.

When they have settled down in their new homes, the trolls begin their late childhood-teenage stages. With an already somewhat-developed personality, the children will continue to experiment and find out what they want to spend their days doing, much similar to what humans do. Daily life of a troll begins as follows: they exit from their Recuperacoons (The troll equivalent of a bed), which are filled with Sopor Slime. It serves for one purpose; to aid with the terrible nightmares the children have when they're asleep. However, the slime itself should not be consumed! Unfortunately, it has not stopped a certain indigo blood from doing it!

With the "indigo blood" mentioned, one should note the trolls primarily live by a color caste. Each troll has a different blood color with the spectrum as follows: Violet begins the spectrum at the highest level. Violet-bloods are royalty and are seadwellers. Next is purple, which is also a seadweller color. After that is indigo, then blue, green, yellow, orange and then red as the lowest level you can go. However, there is a special case in blood colors. Jade green blood, nestled between blue and green is an exceptionally rare color blood. It gives sanction to protection of a troll by a Virgin Mother Grub. That particular type of Mother Grub that has given up her duty to reproduce for the planet.

Color system down, we return back to the subject of a troll's life. As time progresses and the solar sweeps (Alternian's way of measuring time assuming from the conversion of 1 Earth Year roughly being 2.166 solar sweeps) stack up, they finally settle into a norm. More sweeps later, they enter adult-hood. When they are adults, they join their fellow adults and are shipped off to fight in the on-going conquest of their universe.

A certain group of twelve trolls happen to find their way into something that changed that "normality" for Alternia. A yellow-blood hacker stumbled upon a game that turned out to be one hell of a game. He had visions of the game that basically translated into it being crucial for them to play the game or else the planet would be destroyed! (The irony of this is the object of the game is as followed: to create a new universe, you must destroy a single planet.) He passes the word to a few select trolls, who end up passing it to the remaining ones. They jumped right into the game without hesitation. The game itself, titled SGRUB, is a spin-off of SBURB; where the White King of Prospit and the Black King of Derse are raging war for Skaia. When the fighting becomes intense, the Black King ends up victorious over the White King. He sent out a hailstorm of meteors, in which Skakia opened a multitude of portals in defense that directly linked to the players' planet, the meteors were hurled into the portals and the players were doomed and forced to seek the safety of the Medium.

Derse and Prospit have their own special meaning in the game. The planets themselves serve high importance for the players, harboring their Dream Selves. When the players go to sleep, their dream selves wake up on either planet. One could be hailing from the Light Kingdom of Prospit or the Dark Kingdom of Derse. And, in the case of you dying before the end of the game, you technically have one free life by your dream self! This has come in handy for a few trolls already.

Upon seeing that the danger of the meteors were imminent, they set out to enter the game before they died. The idea of the game does not stop there after they actually entered the game. To complete the game you begin by getting all of the players into the Medium. To do this, you need to get the game, install it, and with the help of your Host, you begin the steps to get into the medium. When you are actually in and in your land, you help the next player in line. After they are in their own land, you travel through the lands through gates, defeat your denizen (the boss of the land) and after a long haul, you defeat the Black King. With that down, you can successfully collect your spoils.

The trolls seemed to just fly through without much difficulty, or so it seemed. The game ended up turning sour in their favor, and was actually glitched from the start. An added bonus was when Gl'Bgolyb (Feferi's monster Lusus capable of committing total destruction of the trolls) was prototyped. They endured their hardships and made it up to the final boss, defeating him. Right as they were to collect their spoils, the newly prototyped Jack Noir (from the human children's SBURB session) busted up their chances. The trolls were transported to safety by Aradia's help, but Jack ended up doing more damage than they had expected. He even went as far as to destroying Prospit and Derse, sending the trolls into terrible nightmares. Their dream-selves are dead now, excluding the ones who've already used their "dream life".

The group is now stuck in the Veil, a meteor belt that is located on the boundaries of the Medium, waiting out their lives. The only thing they're able to do is begin finding answers to who was responsible for the outside addition that they certainly did not need.
Personality: Eridan's a pretty complex package of emotions and feelins.

For starters? He's smitten for history regarding militia and historical leaders. In fact, he almost seems to obsess over them. He's gained quite the inflated ego and has some extremely theatrical mannerisms over this. He harbors quite the fond feelings towards wizards and magic, even if he does realize they're not real and magic is totally fake! He has a slight tendency to not keep his mouth in check, sputtering off swears when he can and acting like a total douchebag due to his high blood rank. He will keep his mood in check regarding trolls that he calls his "friends", but other than that he basically dislikes all trolls.

Stemming from his ego and his love for historical leaders, he despises all land dwellers and has made it his life's purpose to kill them all. Due to this, he actually ends up taking up the sport of extreme roleplaying and has gained tons of weaponry at his dispense to aid in his conquest. He has a special bond with Vriska, a fellow extreme roleplayer, who has aided him in his goal. They've plundered, pirated, and stolen their victories one by one, and she had even promised him one of her doomsday devices! This, unfortunatly, was something that didn't last long. Vriska ended up getting bored of him and dumped him right to the curb. He hated her for this, but she never returned the hate to him. It perpetually escalated into her actually blocking him. Eridan tried to wheel Kanaya into the equation. She was friends with both party members, and he tried to force her into becoming his mediator between them both. Again, he was rejected. He had developed a moirailship with Feferi, due to the fact that she kept him from going ballistic on the land dwellers and he helped her feed and quiet her monstrous Lusus. The process was extremely hard on herself, which Eridan was completely selfish and oblivious to it. He ended up showing signs of having flushed feelings toward her, but in the end it resulted in him getting rejected when Feferi entered the Medium. She was completely tired of his behavoir and his complex of trying to kill everyone. His failed relationships did not stop there. Next, he sought out kismessisitude in Sollux and Rose, both turned him down almost as quick as he tried to get step foot into that quadrant. Eridan is now pretty desperate to fill a quadrant, any quadrant at all with someone, and is becoming obsessive about it.

When you get down to the core, though? He may radiate the demeanor of a tough guy, but truthfully he's tough enough to handle absolutely nothing. When he has to suffer through anything on his plate he's unable to handle it rationally. Whining and breaking down without too much of an effort at all, and he also feels horribly guilty about anything that happens to someone if it even remotely involved him. One point is when Feferi broke up with him, he hated Sollux with a deep passion. Later, when he found out from Gamzee that he had died before entering the Medium, he even said to Gamzee that he was a complete asshole for it, and he felt so guilty.

Abilities and Weaknesses:
+ Seadwweller// As a seadweller he has the ability to survive long periods of time underwater. Hehe gills.
+ Extraordinary Marksman// To handle such a powerful weapon as Ahab's Crosshairs and all of the other weapons he possesses he needs a good hand at handling rifles!
- EXTREME Genocide Complex// As mentioned before, this fucker wants to kill all land dwwellers. :|;; Yeah he's kinda crazy.
- Ability to handle shit// Also as mentioned before, if he feels threatened in any way, he will break the hell down.
+ Strategist// Due to the levels of EXTREME ROLEPLAYING that he's done, he's quite well at formulating battle plans and stuff like that, however...
- Real life plans// are something that he's not good at! Ahaha... he's had some bad choices brought down on his plate, if you couldn't imagine!

Inventory: - His SPECIBUS which more importantly contains Ahab's Crosshairs;; His over-powerful as FUCK rifle, able to shoot bolts of lightning out of it!
- Regular Sylladex with six CAPTCHALOGUE CARDS!
- Two pairs of Douchebag Hipster clothes
- Hair accessories pack (Hair gel, comb, hair spray. :B)
- Some really shitty wands

Appearance: This is an Eridan

Eridan is, for the most part, extremely similar to your everyday human. Trolls are a little different from  your standard Alternian and your standard Human. His body is not as built up as one would expect, with a lean, lanky, hipster and all that jazz. His eyes are sunken in and completely yellow, without an iris to show for anything. His hair the standard troll jet black and slicked back too into a suave wavy look. It also has an area dyed that is his blood color in the shape of a flame.  Perched on his head are two candy-corn colored horns extending from his skull, pointing up and twisting slightly into the shape a wave. His thin face seems to forever be in either a stoicic or just plain unamused/angry expression. His eyesight is slightly less than one can imagine, thick shades rest on the bridge of his nose.  His cheeks slightly plump, with fins sprouting out of them right below his ears. His standard attire includes his thick glasses, his blue-ish scarf that rests around his neck, his plain black troll shirt with his zodiac symbol-Aquarius-planted in the middle of it that covers his arms. Secured to his fingers were a few choice rings. Resting on his lean shoulders was a purple cape. His pants are striped black and blue, and his shoes are quite fashionable, a purple pair with a blue stripe down the middle.

Age: 6 Solar Sweeps, the equivalence of 13 Human years

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample:  CA: must of been fuckin brutal raisin up a commonblood wwhen you knew you wwere better than evverybody and its probably got you all messed up inside but maybe theres hope for you
CA: see i got a lot a experience bein nobility so ill let you knoww if you got a shot in hell at cuttin it pinkscarf
TT: ...
CA: fakemage pinkscarf howw does that sound
TT: You're a complete idiot.

A smile slowly crept on the troll's face. Bingo. She took the bait. Maybe this human will grow... hate-smitten for him! He needed to try to play his cool here. It was crucial for this to go right, especially now. No one wanted to deal with Eridan any longer. His deep passion to fill his quadrants was becoming quite the annoyance to a good portion of the other eleven he shared the room with. Eridan simply pondered what to reply and then came up with something that would strike her fancy.

CA: see this is good i think this could be a good thing

He chuckled to himself as he typed this, waiting for her response. Rose and Eridan gave off some witty banter, but it all came down to one thing:

TT: Oh, right. Alien romance, I forgot.
TT: Pass.
CA: look i understand you dont understand that kind of thing in your culture i get that
CA: but maybe i could teach you to get it

Eridan scoffed softly, he wasn't going to give up. He could see that she was getting slightly annoyed by his banter, he continued to press on!

TT: That's really sweet of you to offer.
CA: yeah and in return maybe you could teach me howw to bullshit magic like that
TT: You want to learn magic?
CA: yes teach me your secrets wwitch
TT: Sure. Let's begin.

TT: Consider this your first lesson in showmanship.

Well. He sat there and waited impatiently for a response. "I wwonder if shes fuckin blowwin my horn or somethin..." Eridan muttered to himself.
Before he was able to type a passive-agressive "Wwell...?" His monitor shut off, he stood up and shouted, "Wwhat...?!" Right before someone was able to inquire what was the matter with the angst-machine, his computer just... EXPLODED!!!!!!

Eridan jumped up, oh man. She did it! A huge tooth-filled grin flashed onto his face as he had realized what she had actually just done. He felt horrible because his computer was gone, but oh well, he could get a new one or just go troll with someone else's! He knew that he still had a small hint of doubt that it was magic that made it explode as it did, but he just... Was tickled purple about the fact that she did something so... horrid to him and actually went through with it! Yes! He brought his fists up a bit above his nose and down it went to hit the desk that the computer was on. Right as he's about to hit it, he stops a few inches from his hands cracking down onto the desk. He gasps, pinning his ears back. What the hell was going on? Did Rose actually put... an incantation on him??? Oh no what was he thinking, magic of all things wasn't real. No way. He dropped to his knees, slamming his chin into the edge of the desk. Eridan ends up losing himself for good few moments. He feels his head spinning, even with there being no consciousness to his mind at the moment. He felt... pain! A lot of it! He couldn't explain anything other than it was the witches' fault. He was quite excited over what she had possibly just done! That was, if he could even comprehend that right now anyways.

He felt himself falling sharply, the air whizzing through his ears, stinging them and making the sensitive body parts ring on contact. Hit the ground with a hard thud, his visioned still blackened by his closed eyes. Eridan slowly began to feel his appendages work again, his mind coming back to what was right.  He noted... he was actually on the ground? Opening his eyes slowly, his vision was blinded for a few seconds. He winced painfully and shut them quickly. Tentatively, Eridan tried it again. His vision was blurred... He slowly moved his aching arms to his face. Feeling it, he felt no spectacles on his face. He lifted himself up slightly, trying to find the things that he needed. It was turning out to be rather difficult, he was barely able to lift himself a few centimeters off the ground. He noted this... was not the familiar station that he was slowly becoming acquainted to.The cold metal gray and the artificial light was so dark compared to this. He felt something that was not the ground and picked it up. Reunited with his vision, he looked about more. It was... much different. His vision moved from left to right, trying to see if he could see... anything that he could recognize.

Nothing. His lips slowly opened, and he tried talking. It seemed like nothing at all would come out, until he heard a faint and raspy "Wwhere... the hell am I?" escape. He was absolutely trembling to stay up, his whole body ached, and his brain just pounded and pounded. The light was starting to hurt, there was nothing... nothing was familiar. He wanted to go back, so bad.

Then, he heard a voice. He thought that it wasn't real, that his ears were deceiving him... but it was as clear as the day itself.

“Welcome to Sancrosanct. Please watch your step.”
Network Sample: ARGH
i almost had that wwitch
i had her so close in my quadrant i could fuckin feel her hate seep through my screen
until i saww my little piece of technology combustin into a thousand pieces of course
but no
oh no
im suddenly in some unfamiliar territory and i am unable to report back to anyone it seems

and i havve this fuckin head splitin headache and my body is in absolute fuckin pain right noww
wwhat else could go wwrong i wwonder

i mean it doesnt really matter anywways
i suppose i should just make the best of wwhat i havve noww
im not dead and im not fightin for my life evvery fivve seconds anymore